God is in the Small Things

A few weeks ago, I stop by the store on my way home from work for a few food items. I was hoping to get in and out to avoid the traffic rush. Upon entering the store, I could see that it was a bit crowded. Nevertheless, I needed the items for my husband who was preparing dinner that night. When I entered the store, I noticed long lines waiting to checkout. Still, I collected the items I needed and proceeded to the checkout area.

As I walked towards a line to checkout, a man boldly slid his shopping cart in front of me. In my feelings, I began to complain to myself about not wanting to wait in the line; why did this guy just jump in front of me; I’m tired and ready to go home, blah blah blah. What happened next may not be something most people would think is a big deal, or even believe that God had anything to do with it. Yet, because I know that God is even in the small things that happen in my life, I do!

While in my feelings, I was convicted about my meaningless complaining. I stopped, and said “why am I complaining. This is so trivial with all that is going on in this world today. Lord forgive me for complaining. I really have no reason to be in a hurry. I will just wait in this line like everyone else. I will get home when I get home, and everything will be fine.” I realized that my complaining was not going to change anything, nor was God pleased with my selfish thoughts. I just relaxed myself and waited my turn to checkout.

When I reached the checkout counter, I looked around, and I noticed that there were people who had join a line the same time I did. However, there were two or three people in front of them, yet I was already at the register checking out. To my surprise, I had moved through the line quicker than I had expected. In my mind I was thinking WOW! I said to myself, Arlice, when you just humble yourself”. As I walked out of the store, I thanked God for trusting me with His favor despite my initial reaction to what I observed. I was grateful for His divine conviction of my selfish thoughts and for His spirit (the comforter) that lives in me. I am also grateful for the teaching of God that continues to help me quickly recognize and correct, when I am reacting with a fleshly attitude. I am amazed how much God shows up even in the minor things in life. Most people would probably say I was just lucky. Well, I stopped believing in luck a long time ago, and I thank God for every blessing in my life, even the small seemingly insignificant ones.

Although blessings are always welcomed and appreciated, it was the testing that I appreciated the most. I saw this experience as a test of my ability to humble myself in a situation that I did not create, nor did I have control over. I am convinced that when we are willing, God can reach us and teach us, even in the small things.

“God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6b)

Pressing Towards the Mark


3 thoughts on “God is in the Small Things”

  1. Hello Sis,
    you are so right about how God humbles us with the small things in our life. whether we know it or not; God puts us in a position to help others in ways we don’t understand. The man got in front of you, may have had a small child or a pet in the car and needed to be in and out of the store to get to them. You, not saying anything to him might have made him feel blessed by God. You being the nice person that you are and not arguing with him for doing what he did (And he knew he was wrong) you may have just made his day or there could have been other reason’s why he did what he did, but you could have been blessing him and not knowing it. I am eager to read more. Thanks sis this example was good for me too. God always want us to put people before ourselves and he knows that it is not always easy to do . Love you. Peggy


  2. Great job Arlice,
    That day and every day according to John 15:16…God chooses us and He appoints us to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. Fruits of the Spirit.
    You WERE chosen & appointed (w/ the help of the Holy Spirit) to bear fruit!
    Can you imagine what may have happened if you allowed the little foxes to spoil the vine? I guess “NO” fruit.


    1. Hey Cuz. Thank you! Yes I can imagine, and I pray that I always chose to bear fruit. But when I fall short, I thank God that He is merciful and His grace is endless. Love You


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